This course consisted of six diverse yet strongly interconnected units. The units consisted of both primary and secondary works from various Central and Eastern European, female authors and filmmakers. These readings provided a foundation for our contributions to this website.

Feminisms of Eastern Europe, where we discussed the origins of feminist thought in the region especially in comparison with Western feminist discourse.

Labor and Revolution, where we began our historical tour of socialism and communism and the effects of these political frameworks on the women who lived within them.

Politics of Publishing, where we studied the works of Sophia Tolstoy (wife of Leo Tolstoy) and determined how publishing can be used as a form of activism for the oppressed.

War and Genocide, where we delved deeply into the history and ramifications of the the Holocaust and the Yugoslav Wars of the 1990s.

National Identity, where we discussed what it means to have a cultural and ethnic identity.

Bodies and Sex, where we probed the ideas of love, sex, and romance within the Eastern European context and, specifically, the contemporary roles of women in romantic arrangements.

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